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Sand cooler : mastering your moulding sand

The RFD Cooler is specifically designed to provide the mixer system with sand that is cooled to temperatures that allow optimal mulling, premixed to eliminate return sand variations and with a moisture content controlled within tight tolerances. The result is optimal moulding sand and high-quality, profitable castings.

refroidisseur de sable de fonderie RFDwhen the start of the cooling system, the control system first detects the temperature and  moisture of the return sand and accordingly determine the rough amount of water; the return sand get into the cooler, in a blender and wind driven, the return sand is moving in the horizontal and vertical direction of “∞”-shaped three-dimensional. At the same time, Water adding system will determine the amount of water evenly and spray the water into the return sand, The water evaporation will take away a lot of heat, Hot water vapor was quickly drawn into the dust collector system from the upper of the cooler , Temperature and moisture sensors are continuous monitoring the temperature and moisture changing of the return sand . At the same time, Based on the sensors monitoring motor load, the control system adjusts the discharge door opening to maintain a constant volume of sand in the cooler at all times.By detecting the outlet sand temperature and moisture, feedback water control system, adjusting the quantity of water, ensure the return with sand high-efficiency cooling.

Supervision : efficient control system

  • Sand inlet temperature, moisture detection
  • Sand inlet flow control
  • The main mixing motor current control
  • Ambient temperature detection, and blast volume adjustment
  • Water flow control
  • Sand outlet temperature, moisture detection

Characteristics of RFD sand cooler range

Main drive power
Blast volume
Blower power
Exhaust volume
(L x l x h)
Equipment weight
RFD 4545221000030130004475 x 3610 x 31006,2
RFD 6060221200030160004587 x 3610 x 33246,3
RFD 8080451550037190005163 x 3820 x 34788
RFD 120120551800045220005163 x 3820 x 36788,26
RFD 140140752400075300006881 x 4410 x 437315,12
RFD 160160902685075334906881 x 4410 x 437315,5
RFD 2002001323587090445407331 x 4730 x 472321,9
RFD 25025016044880132557607331 x 4730 x 494322,2
RFD 30030020053890160669807791 x 5070 x 494325