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Foundry mixer : an important step forward

Foundry Green sand mixers had scarcely evolved in the past twenty years. Today’s ROTOMAX mixer serie, developed by SCOVAL FONDARC is an important step forward in the field.

Malaxeur de fonderie Rotomax

It consists of a new mixing concept that automatically adjusts the speed of the paddles to the type of sand required and to the sand’s changing physical characteristics throughout the mixing process.

In fact, the processing of the sand changes throughout the duration of the cycle.

The sand’s reaction to the paddles evolves with the humidity level, and the interaction of the individual grains changes due to the transformation of the claylike paste that envelopes them.

Due to its innovative technology, the ROTOMAX foundry mixer allows you to:

  • Optimize and standardize the quality of your molding sand
  • Reduce your energy consumption,
  • Reduce the amount of waste and the consumption of additives,
  • Reduce your maintenance cost.

Easy maintenance thanks to the accessibility

Due to its design, the ROTOMAX green sand mixer allows easy access to its mechanical parts and requires practically no cleaning. The way the equipment works is perfectly suited to the characteristics of sand and minimizes its heating.

The competitive advantages of Rotomax

Our foundry green sand mixer equipment found in steel, iron, aluminium and bronze foundies offers excellent results and the following advantages:

  • Its better mixing effectiveness leads to a reduction in binder consumption,
  • A noticeable improvement of the sand‘s flowability and permeability,
  • Easier knock out and decreased water use
  • Decreased electricity use leads to savings on power and energy consumption

Characteristics of the mixer range

Nominal flow
Max flow
Total power
Ht tank
ø tank
Ht total
Machine weight
RTM 750750182753,51525160024555
RTM 10001000243662,51650160026556
RTM 1500150036541101700200028259
RTM 200020004872133,517502200298012
RTM 25002500609019218752400324018
RTM 300030007210823920402600335019
RTM 400040009614429820552800336525
RTM 5000500012018037322803100352527
RTM 6000600014421647024253300356535
RTM 7000700016825258526593300458039