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A compact green sand mixer for foundry

Our mixers ROTOMAX used for the preparation of green sand, move in product line.
The COMPACT ROTOMAX combining 3 functions in 1 is available in three sizes for productions from 7 to 20 tons per hour.

Malaxeur de fonderie compact RTMCThese entry-level compact mixers designated RTMC benefit from our technologies developed on our mixers ROTOMAX and our ROTOCONTROL controllers.
They meet first a mixer with variable speed with its control cabinet and can in its evolution C+, integrate controller able to measure the compactability.

Technological, economical and upgradable

Technological mixer, Variable rotation speed tools for optimal mixing efficiency.
Economical mixer, Motor controlled by inverter speed, to save energy consumption and to control power usage.
Upgradable mixer, Thanks to different options, it is possible to you to upgrate your first installation by integrating new modules.

With this new concept of COMPACT mixer 3 in 1, we offer to our customers:

  • A technology to link efficiency and economy,
  • Integration easy thank to the COMPACT design,
  • Technical options to upgrade step by step the investment.

C+ option: 3 in 1 solution

Here are 3 modules configurable option at all times:

  • Measurement module : Compactibility each end of cycle
  • Regulation module : Compactibily during cycle depending of the temperature and weight
  • Additives module : Additives dosing

Characteristics of compact mixer range

RTMC 200RTMC 400RTMC 600
Max production (t/h)71421
Tank diameter (mm)100012001600