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Mixer cooler : make your sanding plant easy

This is a new concept in which the cooler and mixer are no longer two separate machines but comprise one single entity. It is an extension of our ROTOMAX foundry green sand mixer.

malaxeur refroidisseur de fonderie maxcool

The Rotomax is a standard mixer to which we have added a distributor at the centre of the tank, air injection pipes next to the instruments and an adjustable centrifugal fan.

Because it is a batch machine, all the parameters are measured at the beginning of each cycle (sand temperature, air temperature, humidity, weight).

Based on these measurements, but also on the results of the previous cycles, the quantity of water and time needed for cooling are accurately measured.

In addition, to keep the fines (Bentonite/Coal Dust) from entering the air cooling flow, the sand is humidified (moisturized) before the air register is opened. Unlike in the continuous cooling systems, the cycle is precisely adjusted to the cooling requirements.

A new concept for moulding sand cooling

  • The sand is weighed before the tank is filled
  • The humidity and the temperature of the sand are measured before the tank is filled
  • The needed quantity of binder (bentonite and black) is accurately determined
  • The temperature of the sand is measured before being poured into the mixer
  • The temperature of the air leaving the cooler is measured
  • The temperature of the sand leaving the mixer is measured

Advantages of the mixer cooler MAXCOOL

The equipment used in steel, iron, aluminum and bronze foundries offers excellent results and the following advantages:

  • Two functions: mixer and cooler in one single unit,
  • The sand plant is simplified,
  • Decrease in power use leads to power and energy consumption savings,
  • Improved mixing efficiency leads to a decrease in binder consumption,
  • Noticeable improvement in the sand’s flowability, as well as its permeability,
  • Easier knockout and decreased water use.

Characteristics of the mixer cooler range

Max flow
Number of toolsPower of tools
Power carousel
Blast power
Total power
Tank height
Tank diameter
Sand height
MXC 1575015237151164,515251600373
MX 20100020245151577,516501600497
MX 301500303908,518,5128,517002000477
MXC 4020004031102222155,517502200526
MXC 502500503160303022218752400553
MXC 603000603200373727620402600565
MXC 804000804250454534320552800649
MXC 10050001004315555542822803100662
MXC 12060001204400757555323203300701